Friday, December 30, 2011

The blog question is answered.

Why am I blogging?

To be perfectly honest (and this is a blog of honesty), it's because my friends Ashley, Carrie, Marci, Casey&Scott, & Lori all have one. As well as some of my favorite other bloggers, whom I have not met, but read their blog anyway Mr.&Mrs. Loerke, Holley Gerth, Allison&Darrell, Marion House, Jon Acuff, Donald Miller, & Good Women.

I am a blog-reader.

Not a blogger.

So here's to trying new things at the start of a new year!

P.S. Yes, there might be a bit of jealously in these semi-famous bloggers of my world, and that could play a small part in why I am now blogging. The fact that I get the privilege of a little insight into their lives via their blogs inspires me, teaches me, makes me laugh, makes me think, and just plain ol' gives me something good to read!