Friday, August 10, 2012

Remind me

You know, I watched "The Vow" tonight. It's about a girl who lost her memory, and is trying to reclaim who she was, because she can't remember.

A coincidence that I see this movie tonight? I think not.

Today a co-worker came up to me and said something along the lines of, "How are you doing?" Me, "I'm just working." Co-worker, "Oh ok. You've been quiet lately." Pause. "Where's the old you? The happy you? I don't know if I like the new you. I want the old happy you." Then two other co-workers who overheard both turned around and agreed.

Two nights ago, one of my best friends called me while he was on his family's vacation. We chatted on the phone. Then pause. Without hesitation I said, "I miss you." Pause. "Now I know what it was like for you while I was on my family's vacation and you missed me." It felt good to say those 'I miss you' words. I've been feeling them for so long and haven't voiced them because of fear and uncertainty.

Also two nights ago, while sitting in the living room with my parents, they desperately searched to find a solution to their unhappy daughter's recent delima. At one point they both sat up, paused the T.V. (during the most important aired show--Olympics!) turned to me, and just talked about everything and anything to try to do or say anything that could help. They searched all possibilities to find the key to happiness for their daughter once again.

And just now, stumbling upon the song "Remind me who I am" by Jason Gray...stumbling upon. I think not. It must have been meant to be.

Tell me once again who I am to You. Tell me, lest I forget, who I am to You. That I belong to You.

No matter what happens tomorrow, in a month, in the whole future, remind me who I am, Father. Remind me I am Yours. Remind me who I am.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Road Trip!

Road trip to the small town of Bryan, Ohio, with a friend who has played a big part in my life. :) Yay for friends and small towns!