Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wedding Details galore!

SO many details!  Details details details!

♥ Pick a date.
♥ Pick a venue.
♥ Agree upon a budget.
♥ Make bridal gown appointments.
♥ Mail in the venue deposit.
♥ Decide if the ceremony and reception will be at the same venue.
♥ Research photographers.
♥ Take engagement photos.
♥ Decide what do wear for engagement photos.
♥ Decide where to register.
♥ Register.
♥ Create a guest list.
♥ Calculate amount of people/invitations to send.
♥ Buy postage.
♥ Order save-the-dates.
♥ Buy postcard stamps for save-the-dates, not regular stamps.
♥ Pick out china.
♥ Try on wedding dresses.
♥ Pick a bridesmaid color.
♥ First, ask your bridal party to be in the wedding.
♥ What color flowers?
♥ Make sure flower color goes with bridesmaid dress color.
♥ Buy a wedding dress.
♥ Email bridesmaids about their dresses.
♥ Buy a slip, veil, and preserving kit for wedding dress.
♥ Call Mom.
♥ Call fiancee's Mom
♥ Coordinate wedding shower date with fiancee's Mom at their church.
♥ Fill out forms.
♥ Fill out photographer contract.
♥ Mail photographer contract with retainer fee.
♥ Pick a time for the wedding.
♥ Coordinate that with photographer.
♥ Do we want to see each other before ceremony?
♥ Research caterers.
♥ Florists.
♥ Cake people.
♥ Grooms cake and wedding cake?
♥ Music at ceremony? At reception?
♥ Pick vows.
♥ Pick officiant.
♥ Buy ring insurance.
♥ Buy wedding bands.
♥ Decide what invitations to buy.

And on and on and on....

Yes, it has been fun planning this, dreaming it all up, making it all happen, anticipating the big day, etc.  But the more and more I get done planning for this big day, the more and more I am looking forward to it being over.  Not in a bad way...of course I will enjoy my big day!!  But in the end, the big day doesn't mean's the marriage that follows that counts.  I am looking more forward to unraveling the details to my marriage than the details to this wedding.  I cannot wait to be married and start a routine life together!! :) The wedding will be beautiful and I will have many memories from that day for the rest of my life, but the marriage will be that much better! :)