Saturday, August 31, 2013

Change. Transistions. Adjustments.

Change.  Transitions.  Adjustments.

Don't we all go through them?  And no matter how great we conquer them, they continue to come, they continue to happen.  We can't stop change.  It's like the seasons...and the seasons are absolutely beautiful.  Yes they take adjustments, and new routines, but it's beautiful.

Being married is so great.  I can't explain in words what it feels like.  It's so great when you find your best friend and you get to live with him for forever!  It is so great to find that person with which to experience any and all changes with for the rest of my life!  It's so comforting and secure and lovely.

It reminds me how God is.  He helps us through change--He makes it comforting and secure and lovely because He is with us during it all.  I didn't have to find that special someone to go through changes/transistions/adjustments with...God has been with me all along to help me through them.  :)

But it is nice to have that special someone.  It reminds me that my husband is a beautiful gift to me from God. God has blessed me with him, and I'm so thankful everyday for him.  My husband helps me overcome so many changes with excitement rather than fear. He believes in me, and it makes me believe in myself.