Friday, December 20, 2013

Real Marriage

Marriage is work, hard work.

It takes effort everyday to be a wife.  Just like it takes effort every day to be a Christian.  It's not something that always comes naturally.  I have to remind myself to do certain things, to refocus my mind, to remember to show gratitude and be thankful, etc.

And it's work to do all that!  But it's work that is worth it.  And when my husband and I have a fight, it's not only looking at his fault, but looking at myself too...what could I have done better?  What do I need to apologize for?  It takes two to have a marriage.  And I'm so glad I have found the right man to do marriage with.  We are learning that's for sure!

And here's a fun little photo from Christmas two years ago, before we were even engaged! :)

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