Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cool Things

Some cool things about today-

1) My co-worker gave me a piece of Sour Patch gum!!! Delicious!
2) Had lunch with my Mom and it's so cool seeing how her and my dad are growing spiritually at their new church.  Reminds me that no matter your age, you always can be growing spiritually.
3) I'm wearing my awesome high-healed brown booties that Daniel gave me for Christmas today.  It's taken me this long (since Christmas) to work up the nerve to wear them (because I'm afraid of high-heals of any kind).  I have received so many compliments on them and I feel awesome!
4) I've decided to sign up and take another ARE.  Planning to sign up for it next week with another co-worker. Go me!

Ok, that's about all. :)

Hears to more awesome days ahead!

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