Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Read the following statements and decide which answer (1 = Never, 2 = Very Seldom, 3 = Seldom, 4 = Sometimes, 5 = Often, 6 = Very Often, 7 = Always) on the Answer Sheet most closely describes how the statement fits you. If the statement doesn't fit you at all, put a 1 by the number of the question. If the statement fits you exactly, put a 7 by the number of the question.

1. I am able to set goals and to make plans to reach and accomplish them.
2. Other people seem to have confidence in my ability to recognize when something or someone is right or wrong.
3. I find myself often trying to lift the spirits of others who are troubled, discouraged, or unsure of themselves.
4. I enjoy meeting with people and sharing with them the joy and peace that God has given me through Jesus Christ. 
5. I have known God's will with certainty at times even when concrete evidence was missing.
6. I enjoy taking responsibility for meeting special financial needs of people.
7. I desire to meet the practical needs of others. 
8. I enjoy digging into Biblical subjects and researching the issues.
9. It seems that others tend to follow me and recognize my ability to lead people.
10. I am drawn toward people who are undergoing difficulty.
11. I have no difficulty standing alone, without the support of others, if I know it is God's Truth
12. I like to help people without being asked.
13. I like to help meet the spiritual needs of believers, and feel led to be personally involved in nurturing and discipleship.
14. I like to help other people learn Biblical truths which aid in the building up of their spiritual lives.
15. I can clarify other's problems and give them counsel based on Biblical principle. 
16. People often look to me for guidance in organizing and managing.
17. I can understand people and their motives even when I don't know them well.
18. I am able to identify with people having personal and emotional problems, without being weighed down.
19. Witnessing to others for salvation is a regular part of my Christian walk. 
20. Praying is very special to me. I probably put a greater emphasis on prayer than most people.
21. In relation to most Christians, I am probably more sensitive to as well as active in giving financial support to people in need.
22. I may help people even if they are undeserving, or if I feel that they might take advantage of me.
23. I am ready, willing, and able to explain my position on theological issues. 
24. I have the ability to help, lead, guide and direct people in a ministry.
25. I enjoy working with and helping people who are usually ignored by others. 
26. Others are influenced by my ability to effectively communicate God's Word with boldness and clarity.
27. I find it difficult to say no to expressed needs in the ministries of the church.
28. I do well at accepting people where they are and continuing to work with them even when they repeat the same mistake over and over again.
29. I enjoy sharing my understanding of God's Word and how the Word applies to the day-to-day lives of Christians.
30. The decisions I have made or advice I have given in difficult situations have proven to be the right thing to do in most cases.
31. I work well under pressure; can get to the hear of a matter; can take decisive action.
32. I can fairly quickly and accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of others. 
33. When someone shares a problem with me, I am able to help them and also to motivate them to take action. 
34. I am at ease talking to unbelievers about their need of salvation through Jesus Christ.
35. In specific cases God has given me assurance that He would do what seemed unlikely.
36. I maintain a lower standard of living in order to free finances up for the Lord's work.
37. I find pleasure in doing little tasks that are often behind the scenes, but which are necessary to the accomplishment of the work.
38. In my study of the Scriptures, I find that new insights seem to come easy for me.
39. I set goals and objectives for myself and the ministry God has called me to.
40. The sight of misery causes me to find ways to express God's love to hurting people.
41. I have the ability to minister to others more from the Word of God than through my personal experiences.
42. I see myself in a support ministry position rather than being the leader. 
43. I am patient with and like to help Christians who are making slow progress in their Christian walk, knowing that growth is a life-long process.
44. I enjoy thinking of ways Biblical concepts can be presented in a helpful and interesting way.
45. I can see several sides of an issue and clearly sense which way God is leading.
46. I easily spot weaknesses and strenghts in organizational planning.
47. I have a sensitivity that enables me to know whether a teaching or writing is of the Holy Spirit, of man, or of the devil.
48. I enjoy talking to people about their spiritual development.
49. I like going into non-Christian environments for the specific purpose of winning the unbelievers to Christ.
50. I am able to believe God will act in a situation in spite of evidence to the contrary.
51. I believe when I give to specific causes is it an answer to someone's prayer. 
52. I enjoy volunteering to help lighten the load of others.
53. Mastering major Biblical truths in a high priority for me. 
54. I see God's purposes and I desire to implement plans to lead people to make good decisions and to accomplish goals.
55. I like to reach out to people who suffer physical, mental, or emotional problems.
56. I don't shy away from telling the truth of God's judgement for wrong doing or from telling the truth of his gracious promises.
57. People often express appreciation as I relieve them of some responsibilities so that they could minister more effectively. 
58. I am able to accept the responsibility of protecting weak Christians from influences that would undermine their faith.
59. People say that I have the ability to make Biblical concepts clear and understandable. 
60. I have the ability to see and understand the deep truths of God's Word at a level above the ordinary.
61. I enjoy putting together ideas, people, resources, and time for more effective ministries.
62. Other believers trust my counsel about questionable matters and have confidence in my judgments. 
63. I can detect potential in persons and help them to reach that potential.
64. I see people come to Christ because of my witness to them.
65. I find myself accepting God's promises at face value and applying them to given situations without doubt.
66. I encourage others to experience the joy of giving and sharing.
67. I find myself looking for opportunities to do things for people.
68. I can easily identify relevant principles in Scripture without someone having to show them to me.
69. I have a vision of God's purposes and I am able to implement plans to lead people to accomplish them.
70. My sense of compassion toward needy people drives me to action.
71. When situations are not right, I am burdened enough to speak up and try to correct them. 
72. I would rather help someone myself than get others to do it.
73. I work hard for unity in the church even when uncomfortable confrontation is necessary.
74. I seem to do well communicating in simple terms and motivating small groups to apply what they learn to the Christian life. 
75. I can usually sense that a plan or course of action is not in line with or in tune with God's direction.


Record your answers here. Total the columns from left to right (example: take the numbers in the blanks from questions 1, 16, 31, 46, 61 and add them together to come up with a total for each row). Then record the totals in order on the list of gifts page. 
1._____    16._____  31._____  46._____  61._____     =_____
2._____    17._____  32._____  47._____  62._____     =_____
3._____    18._____  33._____  48._____  63._____     =_____
4._____    19._____  34._____  49._____  64._____     =_____
5._____    20._____  35._____  50._____  65._____     =_____
6._____    21._____  36._____  51._____  66._____     =_____
7._____    22._____  37._____  52._____  67._____     =_____
8._____    23._____  38._____  53._____  68._____     =_____
9._____    24._____  39._____  54._____  69._____     =_____
10._____  25._____  40._____  55._____  70._____     =_____
11._____  26._____  41._____  56._____  71._____     =_____
12._____  27._____  42._____  57._____  72._____     =_____
13._____  28._____  43._____  58._____  73._____     =_____
14._____  29._____  44._____  59._____  74._____     =_____
15._____  30._____  45._____  60._____  75._____     =_____

1. Administration    _____
2. Discernment       _____
3. Encouragement   _____
4. Evangelism         _____
5. Faith                  _____
6. Giving                _____
7. Helping              _____
8. Knowledge        _____
9. Leadership         _____
10. Mercy             _____
11. Prophecy         _____
12. Service            _____
13. Shepherding    _____
14. Teaching         _____
15. Wisdom          _____

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